About The Site

This site began in early 1998 to pay tribute to the one and only Jimmy Crespo.

While the site is NOT RUN BY JIMMY CRESPO, it has been developed with the kind assitance of Jimmy and his family.

Jimmy Crespo was the lead guitarist in Aeromsith from 1979 - 1984. His work with Aerosmith appeared on 1979's Night In The Ruts, 1982's Rock In A Hard Place, 1986's Classics Live, 1989's Gems compilation and 1991's Pandora's Box compilation. Jimmy joined Aerosmith when Joe Perry's relationship soured with the band, resulting in his departure in 1979. He formed a writing partnership with Steven Tyler, the drug hazed frontman of the band, composing the majority of the songs found on the Rock In A Hard Place album, with a further song appearing in Pandora's Box - that song - Riff and Roll.

This site is dedicated to Jimmy and his family, with thanks for his work, friendship, and kind-heartedness throughout the years.

If you have any queries about this site, or have have pictures, music, video or stories to share, please contact:Riff & Roll