Pictures With Mary Dolan and Lisa Sanders (San Diego)

Jimmy played with these two very talented San Diego artists from approximately 1998-2001.


Jimmy playing the sold out San Diego Hard Rock Cafe with Lisa Sanders, February 2001

Thanks heaps to Anita York for the awesome pics!!

"Guess what colour my eyes are Lisa?"

A Taylor Acoustic replaces Lisa as singer at the front of the stage while Jimmy lets rip

Note the memorabilia in the background - Jimmy is actually obscuring the highly prized pair of his own underwear from the Rock In A Hard Place tour which was framed for historical preservation on the walls of the Hard Rock Cafe.


Mary Dolan and Jimmy.

It's.......Jimmy!(Part 2).

"Not bad Jimmy"....Lisa checking out Jimmy's tush :)


Jimmy playing with Lisa Sanders at the A La Carte Music Festival, San Diego, April 2000. Pics from


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