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Quotes on Jimmy

For those who have worked with or known Jimmy personally, you'll know that a better person (or better guitarist) would be hard to come by - here's what some of Jimmy's peers have had to say about him....

"Jimmy is one of the best guitarists I've ever known."
- Steven Tyler, Aerosmith

"He's a fine guitarist and I'm very proud of the material we cut for 'Rock in a Hard Place' album."
- Steven Tyler, Aerosmith

"I thought he was a brilliant musician and a very good writer."
- Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith

"The good thing about Jimmy was that he was very prolific. It was a rare day when he would walk into the rehearsal hall without a new riff to literally teach everybody. You would sit there and be taught that riff. It was good in that I was put in a situation where I had to review my technique on a regular basis. I had to play things which were a little more complex. "
- Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith

"The first time I met Jimmy Crespo, I knew we were going to be friends... We liked each other right from the very start...To this day we're still close friends...He's just got this easy way about him... He's just one of the good guys...Now, As a guitar player, He's as good as they get...Every note he plays counts... His tone is nothing less then amazing... He just gets better and better... "
- Gregg Gerson, ex-Adam Bomb

"My thoughts on Jimmy Crespo? Jimmy is the most dedicated, professional and passionate musician I have had the pleasure of working with. He is an inspiration!"
- Mary Dolan

"...the overall performance featured instrumental flights zooming far above the bland, craft-conscious music of inferior hard rock bands. Lead guitarist Jimmy Crespo obliterated any lingering memories of his predecessor, Joe Perry, with solos that sounded like music from another planet..."
- Ernie Welch (Boston Globe, March 7, 1983)