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Ernie Ball Strings

Soldano Amplification

ESP Guitars

Fulltone Effects Units & Processors

Josquin des Pres' page Producer and co writer on Jimmy's work with Mary Dolan and more!

www.BassBooks.comUltimate source for bass music - used and endorsed by Tom Hamilton, also including official Led Zepplin transcriptions! If you play bass, check it out!

Track Star StudiosWhere Jimmy has recorded much of his recent works!

Creative Careers in MusicNew book on the music biz written by josquin des Pres, including quotes from many musicians, including Jimmy!

Blue By Nature - Dufay's former band.

Welcome To The Home of Draw The Line - The Official Aerosmith Tribute Band's page.

Gregg Gerson - excellent drummer from Adam Bomb, Billy Idol and The British Rock Symphony.

Tom Guerra - writer with Vintage Guitar and accomplished guitarist. - Gateway to a really active and informative mailing list. - Sony's Official Aerosmith Page, including Tom's News From The Road - Official Fan Club's page.

The online auction of new and used pro gear! Best Gear Deals on the Planet!

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The Fall and Rise of Aerosmith - Mark Putterford, Omnibus Press 1991 ****highly recommended****

Walk This Way - Aerosmith with Stephen Davis - Avon Books, 1997

Night In The Ruts - Aerosmith, 1979 Columbia Records

Rock In A Hard Place - Aerosmith, 1982 Columbia Records

Classics Live 1 - Aerosmith, 1986 Columbia Records

Gems - Aerosmith, 1989 Columbia Records

Pandora's Box - Aerosmith, 1991 Columbia Records

Blue To The Bone - Blue By Nature, 1995 Shattered Music

"Aerosmith are back, but have they waited too long?" Circus Magazine , Nov 30 1982 -Philip Bashe

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