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Lyrics to Bolivian Ragamuffin

One of Aerosmith's hardest-to-decipher lyrics, Jimmy helped fill in some of the blanks on fans' attempts to translate the lyrics to this killer track of Rock In A Hard Place...

Bolivian Ragamuffin (Tyler/Crespo)

Packed up your troubles in your old kit bag

You gotta dance to the tune of Bolivian Ragamuffin

Outtakes, short breaks, love it till the earth quakes.

Standin' on the seashore looking at the city

See the street light, dog bite your lady on the titty

At the wax museum and nobody cares to see themselves

As others care to see you but nobody wants to be you babe

Can't break cabbage head

Try and get a salad made

Hold my pickle hold the lettuce

Special orders don't upset us

Kickstand face look so evil like Kineavil

Never make third base like a toilet bowl weevil

Like a squatez vous and a domo arigato

Tip my hat to you, rock 'n roller obligatto, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah....

Stage show chorus line, smoke a bowl, now feelin' fine

Girls in heat will try to get us

Hash in bowls won't upset us

ha ha ha....

He need cash (kick in the pants)

Salt and bone (come on and dance)

Blame it all (snake on Eve is a trance)

Ain't gonna do it, ain't gonna do it, ain't gonna do it, ain't how you do me, ain't how you do me, oh how you pull me, ain't gonna do it, ain't gonna do it, ain't gonna do it, ain't gonna do it...