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Pure Gold .999
P & E 1979, Criteria Studios Florida LP Outtakes from Miami RIAHP recordings. Jimmy and Brad. European origin. First 50 pressings on coloured vinyl and w/ booklet."Take it or leave it" is Bolivian Ragamuffin w/ ad-libbed vocals, "Gut Bucket Blues" is Boliv Rag. w/o vocals, and "Hey You" is Riff and Roll. Excellent stereo sound. Take It Or Leave It/ Bitches Brew/ Gut Bucket Blues/ Hey You/ The Jig Is Up/ Lightning Strikes/ Joanie's Butterfly/ Cry Me A River
Big Ten Inch Record
Taurus December 3, 1980, Boston. LP Tenth Anniversary Show, Boston. Jimmy and Brad.Yellow and black cover, with lots of "Aerosmith"s all over it. Back cover features pic of Steven, lists Seasons of Wither as "Season's of Whiter". Awesome solo at the end of train by Jimmy. Excellent Stereo. Lord of The Thighs/ Reefer Head Woman/Think About it/Seasons of Whiter/I Wanna Know Why/Big Ten Inch Record Walk This Way/Lick and A Promise/ Come Together/ Train Kept A Rollin'
Aerosmith Live ??? August 2, 1983. Cal Expo Ampitheatre, Sacramento, Ca. Cassette Crespo/Dufay. Back In The Saddle/ Big Ten Inch Record/ Mama Kin/ Three Mile Smile/ Reefer Head Woman/ Lord Of The Thighs/ No More No More/ Lick And A Promise/ Sick As A Dog/ Sweet Emotion/ Dream On/ Same Old Song And Dance/ Walk This Way/ Milk Cow Blues/ Toys In The Attic/ Train Kept A Rollin'
Back In The Saddle Jan 27. (??) ??? Jan 27 (??) ??? Includes slow version of Bolivian Ragamuffin, possibly with alternative lyrics...apparently Steven says ""Hey youz think our music to too fast or too hard? youz know those critics have been sayin it tis! so we're gonne buckle under and give those pissy pricks something to waltz to!" then after the performance he says, "well fuck that. hurts my vocal chorrrrds!" ??
King's Chronicle's
Bondage Music, BON 110~115 Disc 3: Dec 3 1980 Disc 4: 14/2/84 6 CD box, 87 tracks, 7 hrs 11 min 14 sec. (disc 3: 77:12 - disc 4: 74:10) Disc 3: 1. Rats In The Cellar 2. Walkin' The Dog 3. Lord Of The Thighs 4. Three Mile Smile / Reefer Head Woman 5. Mother Popcorn 6. Think About It 7. Seasons Of Wither 8. I Wanna Know Why 9. Big Ten Inch Record 10. Walk This Way 11. Lick And A Promise 12. Milk Cow Blues 13. Come Together 14. Train Kept A Rollin' Disc 4 : 1. Back In The Saddle 2. Big Ten Inch Record 3. Mama Kin 4. Three Mile Smile / Reefer Head Woman 5. Lord Of The Thighs 6. No More No More 7. Lick And A Promise 8. Sweet Emotion 9. Dream On 10. Sick As A Dog 11. Walk This Way 12. Milk Cow Blues / Drum solo 13. Toys In The Attic Disc 3: V.Good Stereo.Originally radio broadcast. 10th Anniversary show, same as Big Ten Inch Record. Disc 4: V.Good Stereo. Originally WBCN broadcast. One of the last with Jimmy Crespo and Rick Dufay on guitar. Mama Kin, Three Mile Smile, Reefer Head Woman, Lord Of The Thighs and Train Kept A Rollin' from this show are on the official Classics Live record, although the final guitar solo of Train is missing on Classics Live. We can hear that Steven shouting "Mr. Dufay !" - instead of "Mr. Whitford !" as usual - at the beginning of Lord Of The Thighs was lowered on Classics Live's edit. The record features a great version of No More No More. Seems like the beginning of Sick As A Dog has been edited. (Thanks to Right In The Nuts Bootlegs page for this info!)
Classics Live Outtakes
?? Tracks 1~12: The Centrum, Worcester, MA, March 12, 1986.(w/ Perry) Tracks 13~15: Demo versions. (w/ Crespo) CD, 15 tracks 1. Back In The Saddle 2. Same Old Song And Dance 3. My Fist Your Face 4. Last Child 5. No Surprize 6. Shela 7. She's On Fire 8. The Hop 9. Walk This Way 10. Let The Music Do The Talking 11. Dream On 12. Toys In The Attic 13. Bolivian Ragamuffin 14. Bitch's Brew 15. Jailbait Let The Music Do The Talking from this show is the one on the official Classics Live ! record. (w/Perry not Crespo)
Jurassic Tracks
Afrokeluchie Records AFRO 0997 (1997) Crespo tracks March 1979/September 16, 1981 CD, 19 tracks, 73 min 26 sec 1. When I Needed You 2. Major Barbra 3. On The Road Again 4. Movin' Out 5. Krawhitham 6. Downtown Charlie 7. Let It Slide 8. Riff & Roll 9. Dude (Looks Like A Lady) 10. Once Is Enough 11. Rocking Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Flu 12. Love Me Two Times 13. Acoustic Song 14. Ain't Enough 15. Theme From Wayne's World 16. Livin' On The Edge (demo version) 17. Line Up (smokey bar mix) 18. Head First 19. Don't Stop Crespo material (tracks 7 and 8) is taken from Pandora's Box. In fact all the material from this album is pretty much from official releases....
Up Close ?? ?? LP ?? ??
Nightclubbing ?? ?? LP ?? ??

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