A Tribute To Jason

Jimmy's much loved stepson Jason Moore passed away in 2000. This page is dedicated to Jason's memory and the inspiration he provided to others. He will forever be missed.

Jason Moore, July 18, 1980 - May 21, 2000

This page is in the memory of Jason Moore, and is dedicated to helping us think about the good times with him, and looking towards the future carrying on the spirit that he showed while he was with us.

May 21st, 2001. Touching Words from the Crespos One Year After Jason's Passing

Incredibly, it has alaready been a year since our lives were all changed forever, in different ways, after having Jason in it for 19 years and 8 months. Let's not freak out and mourn Jason. Instead let's be thankful for Jason and celebrate his wonderful, outstanding life. He lived every moment to the fullest with no regrets. I'm sure of that! Not even his last day nor his last minute.

Let's all believe that there is somewhere else that we cannot begin to imagine. Like a friend told me, "Just as a baby doesn't want to come out of it's mom's tummy, not knowing how wonderful it is out here in this world, it is the same for us not wanting to leave this world to a more wonderful place because we just don't know what it's like..... I'm sure Jason is well taken care of and is with my dad which really makes me feel better. I'm sure they are both just wanting us to go on for however long we have and be as happy as they were and are now! I typed in Blue cause that was Jason and my dad's favorite color. Maybe they wanted to be together!

Jason would really love us to think of him with only the happiest of memories. He is my baby and I know him well. Until I/we see him again, We Love you all, stay strong and keep the faith!!

- Cynthia ,Jimmy and Cristina

Read Jason's 13 year old sister Cristina's moving poems in the wake of Jason's passing here.

Be prepared for them to touch you very deeply. The depth and emotion combined with such courage and strength to write these poems is inspiring, especially coming from someone so young as Cristina.


Statement From The Crespo Family, June 3 2000.

To all our friends,
There are no words to express the pain and horror of losing your child. Jason was a gift from God and has touched many lives.
We are so grateful to have had him for 19 years short as that may be.
Many of you have known him and some just knew him through me.
We know you all are sharing in our pain.
Please know this; God did not take Jason, nor was it his time. He was killed by a 17 year old driver on drugs who crashed into 2 parked cars at over 70 mph in a 25 mph zone. Our Jason took the full impact. The driver is home and well! God is as outraged as we are.
What God has done is given my family and myself the strength and courage to survive this tragedy. Jason would only want us to go on living life to the fullest as he did everyday of his short 19 years. Remember the beauty and joy of my beloved son Jason. We have learned so much from him and will treasure his memories always.
Our wish and Jasons wish to all our friends would be to put the pain and grief of his death behind us . Celebrate his life and in knowing him. In Jasons memory we ask you to please never drink or do drugs whilst driving. Please think of Jason before you get in your car. Jason was badly killed and so badly wanted to live. If in his death he can save even one life, his death will not have been in vain.
Jason was the love and light of my life.
My family and I thank you with all our heart for your love and support. The flowers and donations.
We love you,
Cynthia, Jimmy, and Cristina Crespo

Jason, Cynthia and Cristina with Slash and his then-wife Rene.

Jason and Tanya on the night of their first date.

Jason and Cristina with Fuddy Heffernan.

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