Jimmy With Fans & Friends

Jimmy is renowned for his graciousness and willingness to talk with fans whenever he can...

If you've had an encounter with Jimmy, and especially if you have pics, send your stories or pics to: Riff & Roll


Jimmy with Troy Ohelo at the NAMM show.You can check out the awesome pics Troy took of Jimmy's set with the Rhythm Junkies at the show here! Thanks again Troy!

Jimmy with fans backstage on the 1996 Rod Stewart World Tour.

Fuddy(A Rod Stewart Lookalike) and wife Jessica Heffernan with Jimmy and friend Ed in the early hours on January 1st 1999

Jessica and Fuddy along with Marilyn Kennedy had quite an adventure attempting to get a picture of the album Rock In A Hard Place in front of the actual Stonehenge...Click Here to see the pictures and the lyrics the episode spawned, as well as pictures of Fuddy onstage performing with Jimmy's band Three Point Jam! Thanks Jessica!

Jimmy with his cousin, and huge Aerosmith fan, Irma.

Jimmy with Carl Hampton, former Aerosmith crew member.

Jimmy with Carl Hampton, former Aerosmith crew member

Jimmy with Carl Hamptonat NAMM 2005

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