Miscellaneous Pictures

Miscellaneous pictures from throughout Jimmy's career. If you have pictures of Jimmy to share, please send the pics to: Riff & Roll

Jimmy Special Guest on the Red Carpet @ John Varvatos Store Opening, Las Vegas

October 22, 2009: Jimmy joined Alice Cooper and Peaches on the red carpet at the opening of the new John Varvatos store at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas.

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Source: NetGlimse.com

Jimmy Immortalized @ The Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel

Memorabilia from Jimmy's time in Aerosmith now adorns the walls of the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Jimmy's gold record for Rock In A Hard Place (the album was last certified by the RIAA in 1989) is presented with a 1984 tour top and pictures of Jimmy and Steven Tyler live on stage. Make sure you drop by next time you're in Vegas!